Set up day

The set up day on Sunday March 15th saw a good number of members turn out to tackle the annual pre-season Gurston maintenance jobs, with much shovelling/sweeping/polishing/vacuuming/cleaning going on to help ready the venue for the first two events on April 18th & 19th (and the test day, not open to the public, prior to that).

SW Centre chairman Doug Auld wants to thank everyone who turned out on a chilly and sometimes drizzly day, but in particular the fence repair crew of Ben Stapley, Tim Pitfield, Simon Purcell and Paul Hearn who worked really hard and who volunteered to return in mid-week to finish that especially laborious task.

Regulations posted, entries open!

If ever there was a sign that it’ll soon be ‘All systems go’ again at Gurston then it’s when the event supplementary regulations and entry forms become available and the online ‘shop’ opens. You can now download regulations from the Drivers’ Information page by clicking HERE and you can enter online and pay by credit card by following the links on that page, or do it the old fashioned, more costly and fiddly way by downloading the forms from the same page and paying by cheque. If the phrasing of the preceding sentence suggests a preference, then yes, it’s administratively cheaper for the club to handle online entries!

Thank you for your assistance and understanding. And see you at our events in April, if not before.

Where else would you want to be? Copyright: Simon McBeath /

Where else would you want to be?
Copyright: Simon McBeath /

Competitors’ entry passes

From the competition secretary comes this message: ‘There is a slight procedural change this year, upon entry to your first meeting you will be sent 2 passes. Subsequent meetings you will be sent nothing as the passes you received for the first meeting will be valid for any other meetings entered. Lost passes will be charged at £40………SO DONT LOSE THEM!’

A word or two from the BARC (SW) Chairman

Here then is the Chairman ‘lording it up with the “Brugge Fools” in Belgium on New Year’s Eve, we may have had a few libations’ he admitted… (And just what is that bright light emerging from his new wig? Oh right, it’s a hat, sorry Doug. Still doesn’t explain the light…)


‘Anyway a Happy New year to you all, I hope yours was as much fun as ours. We’re heading quickly towards the start of the season and as always there is loads to do. Firstly and most importantly this season sees us banning tyre spinning before the startline. We are aware that some may find it contentious, but I am sure you will all know by now that we are not the only hill bringing in rules to minimise noise disruption to the local communities. Can I thank you on behalf of the committee for the support that we have received from the majority on this subject.

Test Day will be on 29th March, entries are open now. To be entered into the ballot email and anyone with the correct licence can enter. It is £98 for a single entry or £133 for two sharing, the closing date is 20th FEBRUARY.

Setup day will be on Sunday 15th March from 10am, we welcome you all with open arms.

The AGM will be Monday 11th May @7.30pm in the restaurant with any other business at the end, followed by a committee meeting. Only BARC SW Centre members can attend the AGM. Those up for re-election are: Andy Hext, Geoff Hunt, Tim Pitfield, Dee Stapley and Paul Webster.

That’s it folks, now get spannering, you’ve got a season of hillclimbing to look forward to.’

Doug Auld, chairman, BARC (SW)

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