Competitor Information

It will save you and your organisers lots of time and paperwork if you could enter Gurston events on line by clicking on the Electronic Event Entries tab above. Over 80% of you did this last year, for which the club is extremely grateful. However, if you prefer to enter on paper forms, the PDF files below are available for download to be printed off, filled in and returned to the Competition Secretary.

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Championship Regulations etc

Championship and Top Ten Challenge Regulations, Details of Annual Trophies and Championship / Challenge Registration Form available below.
Championship Regulations 2019 + Entry Form

Target Times 2018

You can enter our championship online too – you’re just a click away… Opens in new window.

Entry Lists & Final Instructions for the listed events

Entry lists and Final instructions are posted about two weeks ahead of the event date. Click on the relevant dated links below.

Sunday 8th September 2019

FINAL INSTRUCTIONS – September 8th 2019 V2

Entry List September 2019 Version 2

Provisional Batches September 8th Version 2

Competitors are reminded that you can only score Gurston Championship Points and Top Ten Run-off Points if you have the sponsors sticker on the car. These are available at sign-on.











Paddock Allocations

Paddock space allocations are posted a week or so ahead of the event date. Click on the relevant dated link below.

Sunday 8th September 2019

Paddock Plan for September

NOTE: The paddock space will ONLY be available after 12:30 on Friday. The paddock will be cleaned prior to this time so you should not arrive before then – thank you.


Competitors are reminded that you can only score Gurston Championship Points and Top Ten Run-off Points if you have the sponsors sticker on the car. These are available at sign-on.

E&OE – Anthony Record – Press Officer


Map of the Gurston Down Paddock Areas
Click on map for the location of your allocated paddock space
NB ‘S/line’ on the Paddock Plan refers to the grassed area adjacent to the Start line approach. (This means we have a very full entry!)


Provision of Timing Services
The Timing Services at Gurston Down are provided by Timing Solutions Ltd.(TSL) who are accredited by the FIA and the MSA.

During the event, TSL deliver live timing on the internet and at the end of each event, a PDF booklet containing all the achieved times is published on TSL’s website.

Please click here to visit the Hillclimb and Sprints section of the TSL website, where you will be able to view elapsed times and other parameters for all of our meetings.

General Outline
Start-line procedures fall into three major areas :-

• preparation by the competitor,
• alignment of the car by marshals, and
• the triggering of the timing computers, actioned by the driver breaking a light beam at the moment of starting the climb.

These notes detail the procedure of alignment and start, and describe how the start interfaces with the timing computers.

The method now being used at Gurston is an electronic system of beams and indicator lights, as used at many Speed events in the UK. A tripod, clearly visible to the Start-Line Marshals will display two coloured lights; one yellow and one white, which enable them to align your car correctly.

Once you are correctly aligned, the start-line marshals will draw your attention to the other set of lights at the start line, i.e. the red and green traffic lights. Initially these will display a red light.

The Start
Once alignment is correct, three additional procedures have to take place :-

• the timekeepers need to enter your competition number into the timing computer,
• they must ensure that the timing mechanisms are set ready to record the instant of your start,
• the Course Controller must satisfy himself that the track is clear, and ready for you to commence your climb.

When both the Course Controller and Timekeeper are ready, the lights will change from red to green. This green light is an indication to you that you may now start your climb.

It is important to realise that the green light is only an indication of permission to start your climb. The timing computer will only be triggered by the strut attached to your car interrupting the light beam. Once the green light is on, you may start as soon as you are ready. However, you should not allow your car to move forward whilst preparing to start. If you do, you risk starting the timing sequence even before you think you have started!

Your Climb
Once you start,the timing computer will record the start time, and eventually your finish time. By calculation, it will determine your elapsed time, and offer both visual and printed confirmation of this to the timekeepers.

As you progress up the hill, other light beams will be broken, and timings recorded and displayed. These measure the rate of acceleration away from the line, and intermediate timings and speeds at various points along the course.

The Finish
As you reach the finish line, the final set of beams will be broken. The breaking of these two beams allow for a calculation of both finish time and finishing speed.

By the time you have reached the top paddock, the timing computers will have recorded all the data, and printed an elapsed time for you in the top paddock hut.

The Results
The timings and speed data are recorded and printed by the timekeepers, and passed to the Results Team. The results will be displayed as soon as possible, and once competition is complete, will be used for the final determination of the results.

In addition to the digital timing displays that are available in various locations around Gurston Down, we are also able to display times and associated data on three large monitors which are located in the Administration block in the main Paddock. This enables competitors to compare their times with those of other drivers running in the same class.

Additionally, wireless equipment has recently been installed to broadcast the times etc. around the paddock areas, and the data can be received by any person who has a laptop computer suitably equipped for wireless internet access.

General Points
From the start of 2015 tyre spinning before the start line is no longer permitted
Consider the safety of the start-line marshals as you approach the line
Allow the marshals to properly align your car. DO NOT apply your brakes as you are being positioned
Listen to, or watch the start-line marshals; they will be indicating the red and green lights once alignment is complete
DO NOT start your run until the green light is on. A premature start will result in your time being disallowed.

Camping Arrangements

Dogs are NOT permitted onsite at the August or September Meetings*

There is a small fee of £10 for camping. This money is passed to the local village. Please make sure you pay the fee when requested at sign-on.

Here’s the current map for camping arrangements.

* Dogs are NOT permitted at the August or September meetings. This is at the request of our Landlord. Gurston Down is one of the best shoots in the UK and during August birds are released onsite.