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It will save you and your organisers lots of time and paperwork if you could enter Gurston events on line by clicking on the Electronic Event Entries tab above. Over 80% of you did this last year, for which the club is extremely grateful. However, if you prefer to enter on paper forms, the PDF files below are available for download to be printed off, filled in and returned to the Competition Secretary.

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Event Supplementary Regulations

Event-regulations for 2014


Online Entries via credit card payment

Championship Regulations etc

Championship and Top Ten Challenge Regulations, Details of Annual Trophies and Championship / Challenge Registration Form available below

Championship regulations 2014


You can enter our championship online too – you’re just a click away…

‘Paper’ Event Entry Forms


Online Entries via credit card payment

Details of Drivers, Final Instructions and
Provisional Running Order for the listed events


Map of the Gurston Down Paddock Areas
(see below map for your allocated paddock space)

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Paddock Allocations


Gurston camping arrangements

Please note that camping fees will be collected from your camping unit during the course of the weekend


Gurston camping arrangements – click to enlarge

The entrance to the paddock for competitors is straight ahead on arrival at Gurston Farm

The entrance to the paddock for competitors is straight ahead on arrival at Gurston Farm


Gurston Paddock

Gurston Paddock

Paddock sections G and H are on the left, section F on the right (above pic), continue and bear right for sections A to E (below pic)

Gurston Paddock

Gurston Paddock

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