Gurston Annual Awards

The Gurston Down Hill Climb awards and annual trophies for 2016
These were presented at the BARC (SW) Dinner & Awards Evening.

The class awards in the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship go to:

Class 4a – Roadgoing Series Production Cars Up to 2000cc
Supported by
1st Adam Greenen
2nd Andy Greenen
3rd Tim Forster

Class 4b – Roadgoing Series Production Cars Over 2000cc
Supported by Turbo Dynamics
1st Stephen Moore
2nd Clive Stangle

Class 4c – Roadgoing Specialist Production Cars
Supported by DTA Race Electronics
1st Clive Skipper

Class 5 – Modified Production Marque Sports Cars up to 2000cc
1st Graham Beale

Class 6 – Modified Production Marque Sports Cars over 2000cc
Supported by New Techniques
1st Simon Purcell
2nd Steve Holley

Class 7 Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc
Supported by Fieldfare Trailer Centre
1st Neil Turner

Class 8 – Modified Series Production Cars 1400-2000cc
Supported by Tipadel

Class 9 – Modified Series Production Saloon Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Cock & Son (Builders)
1st Tim Painter

Class 11 – Modified Specialist Production Cars
Supported by
1st Mike Rudge
2nd Anthony Orchard

Class 13 – Historically Interesting
Supported by Kelvin Jouhar
1st Hugh Kemp

Class 15 – Sports Libre Cars up to 2000cc
Supported by Goodridge Hoses
1st Tim Pitfield

Class 16 – Sports Libre Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Lewis Property Services
1st Chris Cannell

Class 17 – Racing Cars 500cc
Supported by Riley Crane Hire

Class 18 – Racing Cars up to 600cc
1st David Cluff

Class 19 – Racing Cars 601 – 1100cc
Supported by Drynham Project Management
1st James Moore wins the TOM ELTON TROPHY
2nd Murray Wakeham

Class 20 – Racing Cars 1101 – 1600cc
Supported by SM AeRoTechniques
1st Ed Hollier wins the A & S RACING TROPHY

Class 20a – Formula Ford Racing Cars pre-1994 (Kent engines)
Supported by Veloce Publishing
1st Simon McBeath
2nd Russel Haynes

Class 20 – Racing Cars 1101 – 1600cc

1st Peter D Smith

Class 21 – Racing Cars 1601 – 2000cc (Forced Induction)
Supported by Gundrys Farm Caravan & Camping Park
1st Simon Marsh

Class 21 – Racing Cars over 2000cc
1st Jason Mourant

The Annual Awards go to:

TONY MARSH MEMORIAL TROPHY – Nearest to or broken by the most, the current relevant Class Record during the two June Meetings – Simon Purcell

EQUIPE BRUTONI SHIELD – Fastest Historic 500cc Racing Car – John Forsyth

CORONA CHALLENGE CUP – Best class Record improvement – Pete Hammock

HEATHER BRAMPTON – Highest placed lady driver in the Gurston Championship – Steph Colvin

LOGETTE CUP – Highest placed Saloon or Closed Sports Car in the Championship – Stephen Moore

TERENCE TATTAM MEMORIAL TROPHY – Highest placed Open Sports Car in the Championship – Graham Beale

PITT TROPHY – Highest placed Sports Libre Car in the Championship – Jonathan Gates

DORCHESTER PLANNING CONSULTANCY – Best position in championship without having won an award during season – Richard Gaylard

KEITH SALMON – Concours & Championship combined – Keith Diggle

PARKHOUSE & WYATT – Concours – Adrian Lewis

MARSH & MASTERS TROPHY – Best Position in championship for competitor of pensionable age – Derek Mullis

PITSTOP TROHPY – Driver of the season who has not won an Annual Award – Piers Thynne

PENSKE MARSHAL OF THE YEAR – Carole and Roger Allnutt


1st Ed Hollier wins THE GUARDS TROPHY
2nd Peter D. Smith
3rd Jonathan Gates

2nd Jonathan Gates
3rd Simon Neve