Gurston Annual Awards

The Gurston Down Hill Climb Awards and Annual Trophies for 2019

These were presented at the BARC (SW) Dinner & Awards Evening.



2nd Tim Pitfield

3rd Jason Richardson


Class Awards in the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship:

Class 4-MX5 – Roadgoing Series Production Cars – Mazda MX5
Supported by DoctorMX5

1st Mark Crookall wins THE RECORD DESIGNS AWARD
2nd Jason Richardson

Class 4a – Roadgoing Series Production Cars Up to 1400cc

1st David Nutland

Class 4a – Roadgoing Series Production Cars 1400cc to 2000cc

1st Miles Horne
2nd Dean Cubitt
3rd Chris Davies

Class 4b – Roadgoing Series Production Cars Over 2000cc
Supported by Turbo Dynamics

1st Shaun Fudge
2nd Sarah Fudge

Class 4c – Roadgoing Specialist Production Cars
Supported by Farefield Trailer Centre

1st Mark Parrett

Class 6 – Modified Production Marque Sports Cars over 2000cc
Supported by New Techniques

1st Phil Price
2nd Paul Slade

Class 7 Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc
Supported by Cock & Son (Builders)

1st Neil Turner
2nd David Bean

Class 9 – Modified Series Production Saloon Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Meadens Skoda

1st Mark Walker

Class 11 – Modified Specialist Production Cars
Supported by Gates of Brockenhurst

1st Steve Holland
2nd Richie Gatt

Class 13 – Historically Interesting
Supported by Kelvin Jouhar

1st Jeremy Smithson wins the Keir and Cawder Quaich Award

Class 15 – Sports Libre Cars up to 1400cc

1st Tim Pitfield

Class 16 – Sports Libre Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Lewis Property Services

1st Chris Cannell

Class 19 – Racing Cars 601 – 1100cc
Supported by Drynham Project Management

1st David Cluff wins the TOM ELTON TROPHY
2nd Murray Wakeham

Class 20 – Racing Cars 1101 – 1600cc
Supported by SM AeRoTechniques

1st Peter Hammock wins the A & S RACING TROPHY
2nd Mike Lee

Class 21 – Racing Cars 1601 – 2000cc (Normally Aspirated)

1st Roger Cock wins The Chairman’s Cup

Class 21 – Racing Cars Over 2000cc

1st Paul Crute

2019 Cavendish Ships Stores BARC (SW) TOP TEN CHALLENGE

1st James Moore wins THE GUARDS TROPHY

2nd Mike Rudge

3rd Chris Cannell