Gurston Annual Awards

The Gurston Down Hill Climb awards and annual trophies for 2015
These will be presented at the BARC (SW) Dinner & Awards Evening.

The class awards in the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship go to:

Class 4a – Roadgoing Series Production Cars Up to 2000cc
Supported by
1st Adam Greenen
2nd Andy Greenen
3rd Tim Forster

Class 4b – Roadgoing Series Production Cars Over 2000cc
Supported by Turbo Dynamics
1st Simon Neve

Class 4c – Roadgoing Specialist Production Cars
Supported by DTA Race Electronics
1st Piers Thynne

Class 5 – Modified Production Marque Sports Cars up to 2000cc
1st Graham Beale

Class 6 – Modified Production Marque Sports Cars over 2000cc
Supported by New Techniques
1st Simon Purcell

Class 7 Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc
Supported by Fieldfare Trailer Centre
1st Neil Turner

Class 8 – Modified Series Production Cars 1400-2000cc
Supported by Tipadel
1st Colin Satchell

Class 9 – Modified Series Production Saloon Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Cock & Son (Builders)
1st Stephen Moore

Class 10 – Modified Series Production Sports Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Meadens of Sway
Mark Walker

Class 11 – Modified Specialist Production Cars up to 2000cc
Supported by Gates of Brockenhurst
1st Antony Orchard

Class 12 Modified Specialist Production Sports Cars over 2000cc
Supported by
1st Mike Rudge

Class 13 – Historically Interesting
Supported by Kelvin Jouhar
1st Hugh Kemp wins the KEIR & CAWDER QUAICH

Class 15 – Sports Libre Cars up to 2000cc
Supported by Goodridge Hoses
1st Jonathan Gates
2nd Chris Cannell

Class 16 – Sports Libre Cars over 2000cc
Supported by Lewis Property Services
1st Keith Diggle

Class 17 – Racing Cars 500cc
Supported by Riley Crane Hire
1st John Forsyth

Class 19 – Racing Cars 601 – 1100cc
Supported by Drynham Project Management
1st James Moore wins the TOM ELTON TROPHY
2nd Calum Kemp

Class 20 – Racing Cars 1101 – 1600cc
Supported by SM AeRoTechniques
1st Ed Hollier wins the A & S RACING TROPHY

Class 20a – Formula Ford Racing Cars pre-1994 (Kent engines)
Supported by Veloce Publishing
1st Simon McBeath

Class 21 – Racing Cars 1601 – 2000cc
Supported by Gundrys Farm Caravan & Camping Park
1st Simon Moyse wins THE CHAIRMANS CUP

The Annual Awards go to:

TONY MARSH MEMORIAL TROPHY – Nearest to or broken by the most, the current relevant Class Record during the two June Meetings – Simon Purcell

EQUIPE BRUTONI SHIELD – Fastest Historic 500cc Racing Car – John Forsyth

CORONA CHALLENGE CUP – Best class Record improvement – Pete Hammock

HEATHER BRAMPTON – Highest placed lady driver in the Gurston Championship – Steph Colvin

LOGETTE CUP – Highest placed Saloon or Closed Sports Car in the Championship – Stephen Moore

TERENCE TATTAM MEMORIAL TROPHY – Highest placed Open Sports Car in the Championship – Graham Beale

PITT TROPHY – Highest placed Sports Libre Car in the Championship – Jonathan Gates

DORCHESTER PLANNING CONSULTANCY – Best position in championship without having won an award during season – Richard Gaylard

KEITH SALMON – Concours & Championship combined – Keith Diggle

PARKHOUSE & WYATT – Concours – Adrian Lewis

MARSH & MASTERS TROPHY – Best Position in championship for competitor of pensionable age – Derek Mullis

PITSTOP TROHPY – Driver of the season who has not won an Annual Award – Piers Thynne

PENSKE MARSHAL OF THE YEAR – Carole and Roger Allnutt


1st Ed Hollier wins THE GUARDS TROPHY
2nd Peter D. Smith
3rd Jonathan Gates

2nd Jonathan Gates
3rd Simon Neve