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Here’s a little bit of fun. There is a bank of 25+ questions, (more being added all the time). You have just 90 seconds to answer fifteen questions which the system will pick randomly for you. Good luck

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Which of these has NOT been an overall Gurston Down Champion

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What is special about Chris Cannell's SR8?

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Who is this having a issue with Karousel?

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What type of car is this?

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The final speed track is at the finish. Offically, what is the fastest recorded speed?

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A HANS Device is?

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What is the name of the corner you can see in this picture?

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Who is this in the 1601cc to 2000cc Racing Car Class?

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Are you allowed to use Aluminium Roll Cages?

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Who is the main sponsor for the 2020 British Hill Climb Championship?

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If you run onto the grass or off the track in a timed run, does the time still count?

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Who is this in his Mazda Roadster RS? Clue, he processes every entry at Guston Down.

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According to Motorsport UK's 2020 Blue Book, what is a roll cage required for a Road Car - Series Production cars?

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Who is the current Vice Chairman of BARC SW Centre?

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Who is this?

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