SPECTATOR INFORMATION – You Really Can’t Get Closer to the Action!

Here are some details Spectators might need:

We publish full entry lists and a preview of each event on our website and Facebook. This is usually available around two weeks before the event date.

We don’t just have cars at our hill climb. On April 21st, 15th and 16th June and 20th and 21st July we also have the motorbikes and side-cars of the Autocycle Union (ACU) competing. If you are arriving by motorbike, please make sure you bring something to stand your bike on as our parking is on grass.

Test Day – Sunday 24th March

Adult entry is £5, under 14s free. Car Parking and Paddock Access FREE. NOTE: There will NOT be any commentary and entry is limited to just 60 cars. The resturant will be open all day!

Single Day Events: 20th and 21st April, 15th and 16th June, 20th and 21st July and 8th September

Entry for Single Day Events: £10 per Adult! Under 14s, Car Parking and Paddock Access is FREE.

Gate Open at 08:30, practice starts around 0900 and concludes at around lunch-time. Competition Runs start at aporoximately 13:00 on single day events.

Two Day Events: 25th and 26th May and 24th and 26th August – British Hill Climb Championship Events

The first day, Saturday, of our two day events is a practice day. It usually runs from around 08:30 until around 15:30, typically there is usually a lunch break around 13:00. Runs are timed but there is no commentary.

The second day, Sunday, is Competition Day. There is another practice run that starts around 08:30. Competition runs start around 10:30 finishing around 17:00. Lunch break is taken but the timing is depeandant upon the time taken for the practice, first timed run and British Hill Climb Championship Top Tweleve Run Off. There is commentary.

Entry for Two Day Events:

  • Practice Day £6 per Adult. Under 14s, Car Parking and Paddock Access is FREE.
  • Competition Day £10 per Adult! Under 14s, Car Parking and Paddock Access is FREE.

We have a great resturant serving drinks,ice cream, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Saturday Evenings) and a licenced bar.

We are sorry but at present we cannot take cards for entry.

Our Postcode is: SP5 5HR – Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb is sign-posted from the Salisbury to Blandford Forum Road and can be found near Broad Chalke.

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